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April 12, 2010 at 2:45 pm 2 comments


Welcome to the 21st Century! Go Touchless!

Nowadays, the techno world has even conquered the common household trash can. With the emergence of contagious diseases such as H1N1, staph infections, and MRSA, people are struggling to keep their hands clean, and their homes as germ free as possible. Trashcans, along with toilets and door handles, are probably considered among the dirtiest, germ offenders in your house. But AHA! Why not get yourself a touchless motion sensor trashcan, and have one less thing to worry about?

Touchless trash cans are operated by an infrared motion sensor, which opens when you get within a certain distance of the opening (usually around 5-6 inches), and closes automatically, after your have deposited your trash and move your hand away. You don’t have to touch the lid, so your hands stay germ- and bacteria-free. And your kids will love it, because it’s a gadget, and you won’t have to remind them to wash their hands (again!), because they haven’t touched it! Also- the lid closes more tightly than traditional cans, so unwanted odor is kept to a minimum. Obviously, they use batteries (although some do offer an optional adapter), which only need to be changed yearly on average.

Variety is key, and touchless cans now come in a variety of finishes, such as stainless steel, plastic, and wood, as well as a wide array of colors to choose from. They also come in several sizes and shapes. They are a must for the kitchen, office, bathroom- anywhere!

And since you’re going touchless- why not go all the way? Check out the other ways to go touchless, from a salt and pepper mill set, to a faucet, even a fly swatter! So remember- DON’T TOUCH! And keep yourself germ-free with touchless products.

You can view all of our motion sensor trash cans by following the link below.

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  • 1. Leo  |  May 21, 2012 at 7:34 pm

    The motion detector system in the stainless steel unit has failed. Anyone have a idea of what to do?

    • 2. Trash Cans Unlimited  |  May 22, 2012 at 1:32 pm


      Infrared Trash Cans

      Lid does not open

      Remove batteries for 24 hours to reset
      Wipe the sensor with a dry cloth
      Press the “close” button to reset the
      trash can
      Lid does not close – Indicator light is a
      constant green

      If something is blocking the lid from
      closing, remove the item and press the
      “close” button to reset your trash can
      Lid opens slowly and Indicator light is
      yellow or Indicator light flashes Yellow

      If these solutions do not correct the problem you may need a new lid


      If your trashcan is still not working properly and you feel you are entitled
      to Warranty Benefits, please make sure of the following, before logging a claim:

      1. Your Trash can must not be older than 1 year
      2. You must have Copy of Proof of Purchase
      3. or have sent in Warranty Card

      If you cannot meet the above requirements – your chances to obtain Warranty
      relief is minimal.

      For additional questions and to order replacement lids and accessories,
      please visit, call, or email 570 253 0387

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