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Concrete Trash Cans

Exposed Aggregate Concrete Trash Cans are a great alternative to metal or plastic outdoor waste receptacles. With concrete you can add that decorative touch and still achieve your waste containment needs. Best of all concrete will last an extremely long time while still holding its visual appeal. Metal can rust while plastic can crack or fade. High capacity concrete trash cans stay where you put them. Most weigh 200lbs or more. This is a very real and important aspect. The last thing you want is some vandal stealing your trash container. Thus concrete waste receptacles are highly theft proof. Not even the toughest strong man is going to just pick it up and walk off with it. Most of them also include a lid cable to attach the lid to the container also preventing theft of the lid.

When choosing a concrete trash can there are a few options to consider. First of all theirs the finish. You can opt for the most popular which is exposed aggregate or a more contemporary textured weatherstone look, both of which are available in a variety of choices to match any decor. Exposed aggregate is what you will mostly find at various businesses or park settings. They consist of a pebbled rough surface. Weatherstone’s textured finish gives the trash container a slightly more decorative appeal. Another thing to consider is if you would like a rigid plastic liner for the inside of the unit. Most of the receptacles include a bag fix system allowing the user to use normal trash bags to hold the garbage. If you opt for the plastic liner all the waste gets thrown into the liner which in turn can be emptied when full. This liner can then be cleaned and replaced back into the waste receptacle for future use. You can also use a trash bag inside the liner preventing the liner from even getting dirty at all.

One last thing to consider is this. You may be thinking that since they are so heavy shipping is just going to kill your wallet. That doesn’t have to be the case. Freight can be very reasonable as long as you don’t get fooled by some who use the weight of the cans as a way to inflate the shipping costs. So now that you know the basics you can feel positive in the fact that concrete trash cans are a great way to dispose of public refuse while still maintaining visual appeal of the surrounding area.

You can view all of our concrete trash cans by following the link below.

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Outdoor Trash Receptacle

This stylish trash container will look great on the deck or in the patio. Trash receptacle uses standard 30 – 33 gallon garbage bags. Latching lid. Long lasting resin construction features a solid bottom panel. Easy, tools free assembly. Interior storage capacity 13″ W x 13″ D x 26 3/4″ H.

  • Color: Taupe
  • Size: 32″H x 17″W x 17″D
  • Durable resin construction.
  • Uses standard 30 – 33 gallon garbage bags.
  • Locking lid. Keeps pets and critters out of Garbage!

    You can view all of our outdoor trash cans by following the link below.

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Replacement Trash Bin for Under The Counter Pull Outs

This 30 quart trash bin is perfect for replacing your old and worn out under the counter pull out wastebasket. This hard to find size is a perfect fit for your system if your measurements match. Made from flexible high impact plastic its rugged enough to last for years to come. Measures 15.5in.W x 18in.H x 9.5in.D.

You can view all of our plastic trash cans by following the link below.

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Wood Waste Basket

Popular wainscot-panels add a touch of elegance. All joints are machined for perfect fit and strength. Enamel coating for durability, appearance, and ease of cleaning. 10 x 8 x 10.5 inches.

You can view all of our wood waste baskets by following the link below.

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Galvanized Trash Cans: Heavy Duty Metal Garbage Can

Galvanized trash cans are a great product for outside trash containment. Available in a variety of sizes and strengths its easy to find just the one you need. The smaller garbage pails are perfect for storing birdseed, hot coals, or even ice melt salt for the winter season. With the tight fitting lids they can keep out critters from getting inside and their weight keeps them from being knocked over by animals or inclement weather.

Galvanized trash cans are available in 3 different steel thicknesses depending on usage. Light Duty for general use, Medium Duty for commercial use, and Heavy Duty for Industrial use. The heavy duty cans are virtually indestructible and will last forever resisting dents and any other extreme punishment they are delivered.

You can view all of our galvanized trash cans by following the link below.

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April 27, 2010 at 7:53 pm

Motion Sensor Trash Cans


Welcome to the 21st Century! Go Touchless!

Nowadays, the techno world has even conquered the common household trash can. With the emergence of contagious diseases such as H1N1, staph infections, and MRSA, people are struggling to keep their hands clean, and their homes as germ free as possible. Trashcans, along with toilets and door handles, are probably considered among the dirtiest, germ offenders in your house. But AHA! Why not get yourself a touchless motion sensor trashcan, and have one less thing to worry about?

Touchless trash cans are operated by an infrared motion sensor, which opens when you get within a certain distance of the opening (usually around 5-6 inches), and closes automatically, after your have deposited your trash and move your hand away. You don’t have to touch the lid, so your hands stay germ- and bacteria-free. And your kids will love it, because it’s a gadget, and you won’t have to remind them to wash their hands (again!), because they haven’t touched it! Also- the lid closes more tightly than traditional cans, so unwanted odor is kept to a minimum. Obviously, they use batteries (although some do offer an optional adapter), which only need to be changed yearly on average.

Variety is key, and touchless cans now come in a variety of finishes, such as stainless steel, plastic, and wood, as well as a wide array of colors to choose from. They also come in several sizes and shapes. They are a must for the kitchen, office, bathroom- anywhere!

And since you’re going touchless- why not go all the way? Check out the other ways to go touchless, from a salt and pepper mill set, to a faucet, even a fly swatter! So remember- DON’T TOUCH! And keep yourself germ-free with touchless products.

You can view all of our motion sensor trash cans by following the link below.

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